Let me introduce myself...

Hello, I'm Steve Calette

A buddy of mine in high school once told me I had champagne taste on a beer budget. That sentiment really stuck with me because it rang so true! I wasn’t born into money but that was only a hurdle, not a roadblock. I was blessed born with my fathers work ethic and creative mind.
I was doing bodywork on cars before I even enrolled into school. It felt too much like work for me to really enjoy but I did learn valuable knowledge from the experience. Whenever my dad was painting something a cool I would prep one of my bikes and throw it into the paint booth with him. I loved having something custom no one else had, still do! My father also shared his knowledge of drag racing with me, I applied many of the philosophies learned to my 19 year BMX racing career.
With Calette Customs, I aim to share my passions, skills, and careful attention to detail with the public at large. This website will showcase custom built bicycles that I’ll be offering for purchase. They take an extensive amount of effort and planning to perfect but the results are worth it! Some of you might be looking to restore a bike or build something from the ground up. Let me take the reins of your project and deliver something above and beyond. If it’s a car you are looking to restore that’s where my father’s expertise comes in.
In addition to design consulting services I specialize in music curation. I could be the next DJ for your event or enhance your life by turning you onto some new music. I can also help you find the best pressing of that vinyl record you are after. Hit me up and let’s have a chat, I’d love to hear what brought here.

My heart belongs to the early 80s BMX bicycles I grew up riding, references to them will shine through in all of my work. Likes and compliments are guaranteed owning a Calette Custom bike, you’ll attract a lot of attention riding one so be prepared. Ride smooth, fast, safe and sexy. 


From help finding the right car to purchase down to exploring the smallest details of a restoration, Calette Customs can help with your project. 

On the hunt for new music?  Need to upgrade your home stereo? Need a DJ for your next party? Calette Customs is here to service your needs.


1988 #1 Amateur1991 #1 Pro1997 #1 Pro