At Calette Customs we can help you with your project

From finding the right car to purchase down to exploring the details of a nut and bolt restoration

Calette Customs starts with my dad Oliver, or “Snooks” according to his friends (in his youth he was a pool shark, Snooker was his game).  As a young 8 year old boy he watched a carnival roll through Glaslyn, Saskatchewan from the side of the highway. In the cavalcade was a red Cadillac convertible pulling a float, a car so elegant, so commanding! He was hooked and from that day forward and dreamt of owning a car like that Cadillac.


Well dreams do come true, he went on to own many Cadillacs amongst the 4000 plus cars he acquired in his lifetime. Turning his passion into a career, my dad buys, restores, customizes and sells cars. His hobby is racing cars even. Building them from the ground up and executing his vision. He’ll race anything at the dragstrip, I even went down the 1/4 mile with him as a passenger in a semi truck. Until I started racing BMX I spent my Sunday’s watching him race. Words cannot describe how awesome those days were, race cars were works of art back then. The sights, the sounds, the smells!


The knowledge he’s gained from his personal experiences always astounds me. This would be an asset to any filmmaker looking for consultation on what lead cars to use or making sure everything is era correct. Or to any client who is looking for something individual and not run of the mill.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place.