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GHP Retro 24” Cruiser

Greg Hill of GHP made a batch of 50 cruisers as close as he could to his company’s original models sold in the 1980’s. Brand new tubing was sourced, bent and welded to the original specifications. I had the opportunity to acquire one and here it is. 


Vintage bike lovers will nerd out and appreciate every detail. Casual cyclists just love how it looks, something about it just pulls you in for a closer look. Grab a piece of history, this is the first Calette Customs BMX to hit the market.   


Frame: GHP Retro 24″ Cruiser
Fork: GHP Retro 24″ Cruiser
Bars: GHP cruiser
Grips: AME Tri
Stem: Profile XL inverted
Headset: Sealed Bearing Tange MX 125
Brakes: Dia Compe MX 1000
Brake Lever: Dia Compe Tech 4
Brake Cable: MCS Lighting
Brake Pads: Kool Stop finned
Cranks: Profile Box 40th Anniversary editions, 180mm
Spider: Profile
Bottom Bracket: Profile American
Chainring: Sugino 42t
Chainring Bolts: Shimano knurled
Pedals: Shimano DX
Chain: Izumi
Hubs: Campagnolo BMX
Rims: Araya 7C
Spokes: DT Stainless Double Butted
Spoke Nipples: DT Aluminium
Freewheel: White Industries, 17t
Tires: IRC Racer X-1, 24×1.75
Tubes: Redline ultralight 24×1.75
Seat: Selle Italia Turbo
Seatpost: ITM 22.2mm
Seatpost Clamp: ACS
Decals: GHP Reproduction

I can stare at this bike for hours 

Reproductions done right. This bike came to me white but I was always in love with the candy apple red ones from back in the day. The repro decals are top quality as is the headset. Tange made a new batch of headsets using sealed bearings this time. The classic Tange 125 look with better performance. Classic Profile quill stem. 

A mix of new and old here. Original GHP handlebars and Dia Compe Tech 4 brake lever. The AME reproduction grips feel as good or better than the originals.

I love this cluster of parts here. I always wanted a Selle Italia Turbo seat but could never afford one. First introduced in 1980 it looks as good now as it ever did, maybe better. The vintage seatpost is from ITM out of Italy. The NOS ACS seatpost clamp feels right at home as does the Dia Compe MX-1000 brakes. I’d been carrying the brakes around in my parts bin since the 1980’s so it’s nice to see them get used finally. 

40th anniversary Profile Vintage Box cranks. In 2008 Profile remanufactured their original box style cranks made on their 1979 tooling. I had the spider and Sugino sprocket mirror polished. The chainring bolts by Shimano are knurled stainless steel models I sourced from the local Velodrome track bike supplier.

Holy grail NOS Gold Shimano DX pedals, the most influential platform pedal ever made in my opinion. 

NOS Campagnolo BMX hubs. I can’t believe the odd pair are floating around the universe still. I used a modern White Industries freewheel. The technology is so much better now. Take it from somebody who has broke more than one freewheel, it hurts really bad when they let go. One of your knees will hit your stem or if you get lucky you’ll just fly over the bars. Izumi from Japan have been making their classic chain for years, perfect for this build. 

The seatpost sticker got mushed a little bit at the bike shop. Oh well, nothing is perfect forever. 

The Campagnolo hubs are laced with DT stainless steel spokes and aluminum nipples. Light, strong and delicious.

I remember Mike King, Dave Cullinan and Rick Palmer would use Turbo seats. Not only were those guys fast and smooth but they had the nicest bikes too!

Full disclosure the red IRC tires are for show only. The rubber has hardened over the years and the sidewalls blew out when I inflated them to riding pressure. In the winter though they will look killer just sitting there in your living room, bedroom, garage, office, showroom or wherever you want to display this beauty. I have Tioga Comp III’s that come with the bike which are intended for daily use.

It’s a little detail but I love the Greg Hill decal only found on the left side fork.

Spring of 1987. I had just read an article on Eric Carter and he was talking about some of his training habits. Once a day he liked to raise up his seat and just spin around town for about an hour. I copied him which seemed to work really well, I won every National race I entered that year. I love the Air Jordan high tops I’m wearing here, I wish I kept them along with this bike. This GHP had a special paint job on it. My dad was spraying a Harley Davidson and threw my bike into the mix. It’s a purple to red fade. 17 coats of paint in total, the first layers were almost translucent. The additional layers add the darkness and depth.

This is me in 1986 with my Chrome GHP. I painted it school bus yellow after this before the candy apple purple to red fade. I sent this pic to Greg Hill in a Facebook message along with a question. You can see his answer below. 

Confirmation from Greg Hill himself on the production numbers for his 2010 GHP reproductions. 100 20″ versions and 50 24″ cruisers.