Redline 925

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Redline 925

size chart 5'5"-5'9"

I spent the summer of 1982 out at my grandparents place in the little town of Brock, Saskatchewan. Carefree my buddy Scott Dagg and I would rip around the town on his dirt bikes. We also spent hours crafting some BMX dirt jumps for ourselves. One day he asked if I wanted to head into the city and check out a BMX race. I was dying to check one out so my answer was yes, luckily my grandparents said yes too.


You see in 1981 my cousin Billy Rossette told my brother Rodney and I about a BMX track that held races up near his place in the North end of Saskatoon. We wanted to check it badly out but my mom would not grant our wish. Maybe she thought it was too far, maybe she was in a mood (dealing with 5 boys how could you blame her) or maybe she was afraid of the cost involved if her boys wanted to participate. Anyways when the track moved two blocks from our house in 1982 it was impossible to keep us away. My mom would eventually become the BMX club track operator and the social group our second family.


It was a huge race, kids from all over the Province were there. BMX exploded onto the scene in the early 1980’s and almost every kid had or wanted a bike. So many of the bikes there I had only seen in the magazines. I’ll never forget seeing a Redline in the flesh for the first time. Somebody had a beautiful candy apple red Proline propped up on a bike stand, basking in all it’s glory. It was outfitted with flight cranks and their famous v-bars. How cool would it be to own one someday I thought.


Redline is one of the original BMX companies from the 1970’s. The original co-owner Linn Kastan is a legend and was way ahead of his time. In 1988 Linn started his own company using the name Kastan and the Redline brand was sold to Seattle Bike Supply. In 1996 I had a friend who worked at Seattle Bike Supply and he set me up with my first Redline, also a sweet candy apple red ride. I finally had a Redline of my own. This Redline 925 that you see here pays homage to my first Redline and the first Redline I saw back in 1982


Frame: Redline 925
Fork: Redline 925
Bars: Skull Skates Cruiser
Stem: S&M Challenger
Grips: ODI Mushroom
Bar Ends: ODI Aluminum
Headset: Chris King 1/18 Threadless
Brakes: Velo Orange Long Reach
Brake Levers: Velo Orange
Brake Cables: Jagwire
Cranks: Profile Race 175mm
Crank Bolts, Profile Aluminum
Spindle: Profile GDH
Bottom Bracket: Eastern Euro
Sprocket: Profile Elite Race 42t
Pedals: Haro Lineage
Chain: Shimano 3/32
Hubs: Shimano Dura Ace 36H
Rims: H Plus Son TB14
Freewheel: White Industries 18t
Spokes: DT Double Butted
Spoke Nipples: DT Aluminum
Tires: Challenge Strada Bianca 30c
Seat: Brooks Team Pro Special
Seatpost: Campagnolo 26.8mm
Seatpost Clamp: Phil Wood
Decals: Redline Reproduction

This bike is smooth as silk, I’ve gone over it with a fine tooth comb. It’s ready!

The decals are for a 1970’s Redline Squareback. Illusion Cherry paint by Yess BMX.

An S&M Challenger stem tightens down on a Chris King headset. Nothing but the best here.

Classic ODI Mushroom grips adorn the Skull Skates cruiser bars. Both are vintage brands with a ton of history. The Velo Orange brakeset slow things down in a hurry.

This bike is built for speed so I went with a modern Profile set up. Like Redline, Profile has a long history with BMX setting up shop in the 1970’s. Their new spline drive sprocket has a vintage aesthetic which was the perfect match for this build.

These Haro Lineage pedals are a tribute to the famous Shimano DX pedal. Working flawlessly they have become my new go to pedal. The original owner Bob Haro is the grandfather of BMX freestyle and his racing uniforms and numberplates are legend.

Full disclosure since the photoshoot I’ve changed from the RB17 saddle to the Team Pro Special model. Also red in colour with chrome rails and copper rivets. Now out of production I was really lucky to find one locally in a shop. I’m always in search of perfection. 

A mix of new and classic parts. The vintage aero Campagnolo seatpost is held in place tight by the Phil Wood seatpost clamp. Both companies have a long history and stellar reputations. The long reach Velo Orange Crand Cru brakes are some of the best on the market.

The larger diameter road bike tire trend sits right at home on the Redline. These classic skinwalls are the perfect look. The Challenge brand are killing it right now in the road bike world, super fast and smooth. H Plus Son TB14 hard anodized rims are a nod to the hard anodized Sun Chinook rims I had on my mid 90’s Redline. Classic double butted DT spokes and red aluminum nipples keep things light and tight.  

The Shimano chain puts the power to the ground and makes everything go round. 

A White Industries freewheel takes all of the abuse. Smooth as hell and tough as nails they are hard to beat. 

Hubs are often my favourite part on a bike. This set of first generation Shimano Dura Ace ones could be as old as me but they have aged like fine wine. Shimano’s top of the line models have always been highly sought after by collectors. A slice of history and heaven right here.