SE Racing Quadangle 700c

Private Collection

SE Racing Quadangle 700c

This is my wife’s wedding present, although the original plan for it started out in a different direction. When I first met Michelle she had a department store bike which in her mind was all she needed. Of course I thought she would be better suited with something lighter and more suited to her personality but I held that opinion to myself for the first while.


I saw a really good deal on this Quadangle so I snapped it up even though technically I didn’t NEED another bike. Michelle liked the design of the Quadangle and it’s BMX heritage so I was able to convince her she would enjoy biking more on something that was lighter and more expressive. Slowly and on a budget I was instructed to build up this bike for her. 


Michelle and I were married on the Island of Kauai in March of 2018. During the planning stages we decided to have a cocktail hour reception at Shipwreck’s Beach after our ceremony. Our wedding location super close to the beach so I suggested we bike down to the reception together afterwards. Michelle liked that idea so I looked into renting bikes from a few different spots on the Island. As I expected there wasn’t anything available that suited my taste but I did my due diligence just to make sure.


We then decided I would finish building her Quadangle and my S&M 24″ cruiser. She decided to ride the cruiser as it had more room for her dress. The slow build plan vanished and I threw the budgets out the window. A leopard can’t change its spots. Needless to say our wedding day was perfect and riding down the pathway along the ocean to the beach is a special moment we will both cherish forever.


Post wedding I stripped the Quadangle down and got it ready for paint. The factory white was perfect for the wedding day ride but it lacked the “it” factor. Michelle absolutely loves her finished ride and can speak to the feeling of complete satisfaction when a custom bicycle is designed specifically to accommodate a riders physical needs. She has arthritis and had shoulder replacement surgery so I gave her an upright riding position for better comfort and safe maneuvering. More content at a slower cruising speed I set her up with a light gear ratio which helps her ease up the hills here in Vancouver.


Now Michelle glides around like she’s floating on a cloud. I can’t quantify whether it’s the lighter bike or memories of our wedding day that keep her afloat but that doesn’t concern me, I just like seeing her happy. Like me this bike will be hers for the rest of time.        



In 1977 Scot Breithaupt founded Scot Enterprises, SE Racing was born soon afterwards. The STR-1, now known as the Quadangle was the first bike they ever produced. STR stood for Stu Thomsen (Replica) who was the first old school pro to become a household name. This version was designed to fit road bike tires.    

Comfort for women is paramount so I showed Michelle numerous seat options I felt would best suite her frame. She picked the one I thought she would, an 80’s inspired pivotal seat from Sunday. Perfect for a frame first introduced in the 80’s. The rest of her bike design was inspired by this choice.    

I found a great company that sold individual spokes of any colour, sign me up! Sapim Laser spokes no less. Great patience and execution by Ed Luciano and his talented staff at Mighty Riders lacing up these wheels. Paul Component high flange hubs remind me of many of the high end versions you would have found on BMX bikes in the early 80’s. Aero H Plus Son Archetype rims finish off the job.   

A shorter stem was required so I went with this flatland stem from Colony. The jet fuel finish is super cool, I love how it seemingly changes colour when your eye moves over it. A hot pink Phil Wood stem cap finishes the look.

More colour on colour. I love these grips, so much fun! The Dia Compe Tech 77 brake lever is a nod to the bikes retro heritage.  

The S&M 5″ race bar is the perfect height for this bike. The SNAFU jet fuel headset keeps everything up front tight. 

Plain and simple I’ve always loved the baby blue SE Racing logo. Illusion Purple powder coat paint applied by Yess BMX.

This is the first time I’ve used a Halo Clickster freewheel. So far I’m very impressed. Black on black was selling feature that sealed the deal. 

This colour combo pays tribute to my JMC Darrell Young I spray painted this scheme back in 1989. It’s easier to be era correct when you use your own bike for reference. The limited edition Profile celestial cranks were too cool not to use, thankfully Planet BMX still had pair in stock.

The Quadangle looks good from any angle. 

Looking good dressed in white! The Quadangle looks good in white too! Riding down to the beach after our wedding ceremony was one of the best moments of my life. I’m so glad we took the effort to build and bring these bikes with us to Kauai. It’s such a magical place, visit there if you can. It’s so magical Puff the Magic Dragon is from there, true fact. 

In between his Kuwahara’s and Profile my brother Rodney had an SE Racing PK Ripper. I had a few PK Ripper’s too. The PK Ripper and Quadangle were two of the most sought after bikes in the early 80’s. SE Racing was a major player in the North American BMX scene from 1977 until 2000. Fuji from Japan has now taken over the US company and is keeping their heritage intact with BMX legend Todd Lyons overseeing the brand.   

This is Michelle wearing my late brother Rodney’s SE Racing jersey. I felt his spirit with us in the photographers studio, it was a heartwarming feeling to have him there. I know he would be psyched to see the launch of Calette Customs.